SV-079 Integrated planning for remediation sites: Area Boeldershoek – Hengelo

Programme: SKB
Research period: 2000-2005
Key question / Key goal: "The development of the potential company site Boeldershoek in Hengelo was not feasible on account of the soil and groundwater contamination, land subsidence and risk factors. This SKB project has changed this by providing the basis for working out a (financially) feasible structure plan, which integrates the soil technical, legal, environmental and functional aspects. The project at Boeldershoek was implemented through an inventory and identification of bottlenecks and opportunities, resulting in an integrated functional opportunity chart."
Kind of study: desk study
Keywords: company sites, remediation site, sustainable development, urban area
Result type: report
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Research question(s):
Integration of soil and groundwater quality management into spatial planning