SV-005 Noorderbos Tilburg, Forestation on contaminated soil

Programme: SKB
Research period: 2000-2005
Key question / Key goal: "The Noorderbos in Tilburg is to be a wooded park on a location that is heavily contaminated with heavy metals. Acidification will increase the mobility of heavy metals, and this may pose a threat to the ecology. Calcification prevents this, but is not the most effective long-term solution. Erosion means that calcium will have to be added every 5 to 10 years. This is not a long-lasting solution and is difficult to implement in practice. This project involved research into alternatives to calcium. The result was the conduction of tests with iron dust and zeolite. Ecological analyses were used to analyse the effects of the contamination present in the Noorderbos and the substances used."
Kind of study: experiments
Keywords: (biological) availability, acidification, ecological threat convert into nature areas, heavy metals immobilisation, iron, Noorderbos, lime, zeolite
Result type: report
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Research question(s):
How large is the impact on ecosystems (ecosystem services)?