SUSTAIN – Soil Functional Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, a Transdisciplinary Approach

Programme: SNOWMAN
Research period: ongoing
Key question / Key goal: The main objectives of SUSTAIN are (i) to understand how reduced tillage systems, as compared to conventional tillage systems, impact soil functional biodiversity and soil functions such as soil structural maintenance, organic matter and nutrient cycling, water regulation, filtering and pest regulation; (ii) to quantify the consequences of reduced tillage systems on the soil ecosystem services of food production and GHG mitigation, (iii) to investigate the socio-economic sustainability of reduced tillage systems, (iv) to develop and disseminate tools as soil disturbance indicators, system sustainability evaluation.
Kind of study: field work, deskstudy
Keywords: reduced tillage systems, soil functions, ecosystem services, socio-economic sustainability
Result type:
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Research question(s):
Development of more resilient and highly productive land and prevention of degradation of land by agricultural production
How can we increase the societal awareness about the main dilemmas relating to food production