96-029 Hydrogeochemical characterisation in relation to biodegradation

Programme: NOBIS
Research period: 1995-2000
Key question / Key goal: On behalf of NOBIS two meetings were organised with experts in the field of hydrogeochemical characterisa-tion methods in relation to biodegradation. The aim of the meetings was to demonstrate how hydrogeochemi-cal characterisation methods may contribute to a more effective application of natural attenuation and in situ bioremediation on locations that are contaminated with BTEX-compounds and/or chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Kind of study: expert meetings
Keywords: analysis methods, aromatic compounds, biodegradation potential, biodegradation, chlorinated hydrocarbons, site characterisation, soilremediation stimulation
Result type: report
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Research question(s):
enhancement of the implementation of remediation technologies