95-1-43 Anaerobic degradation of BTEX at the sites Slochteren and Schoonebeek 107

Programme: NOBIS
Research period: 1995-2000
Key question / Key goal: Anaerobic decomposition of BTEX at the NAM sites Slochteren and Schoonebeek 107. Those sites are representatives of large BTEX contaminations, where multifunctional remediation merely can be realized by a very expensive excavation variant in combination with 'pump and treat'. If possible expenses can be saved (in a management variant) by using the possibilities of stimulating the intrinsic anaerobic biodegradation potential.
Kind of study: field test, laboratory experiments
Keywords: anaerobic, aromatic compounds, biodegradation, quantification of microaerobic soil remediation benzene degradation
Result type: report
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Research question(s):
New remediation alternatives