95-1-05 In situ remediation of clay soils (HEISA)

Programme: NOBIS
Research period: 1995-2000
Key question / Key goal: The principal aim of this project on the VADA-site in Wageningen was bipartite: (1) in the solid phase of a ripened layer of clay above the groundwater-table, the concentrations of toluene had to be brought down to beneath the intervention value, within a short test period; (2) the leaching of contaminated substances from the clay layer had to be decreased to beneath the intervention value for groundwater (1 mg/l).
Kind of study: field tests
Keywords: aeration, aerobic, aromatic hydrocarbons, biodegradation, carbon-dioxide, clay soil, soil structure
Result type: report
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Research question(s):
Which soil types are good and which are bad in terms of filtering and storing pollution? What are the potential long-term releases of which contaminants?